Our Packages...

Sugar Baby
25-50 guests
5 candy options

Sweet Tart
51-100 guests
6 candy options

Good and Plenty
101-150 guests
7 candy options

 Laffy Taffy
151-200 guests
8 candy options

Sugar Daddy
201-250 guests
9 candy options

The Life Saver
You provide the candy, we
provide the rental of glass jars,
clear treat bags, and scoops.

The Whole Shabang

A treat for your taste buds! 
A station that includes
both candy and dessert.

Kid's Birthday Parties
Multi-colored candy options
Plastic & Vinyl Jars
Clear treat bags

Our packages can be customized to fit your needs, feel free to contact us with your specifications.

Upgrades are available on candy options and bag options.

Contact us for a quote today!